Internationalization with local professionals

About ICBH

ICBH is an independent consultancy specialised in advice and support for employers and employees who deal with cross-border work and international assignments.

ICBH offers clients total solutions in the development of international projects in The Netherlands and China. In China ICBH assists Dutch companies in the recruitment and selection of commercial, financial and executive staff in the Netherlands.

The international culture and experience of ICBH enables us to localize the needs of Dutch companies in the Chinese market. ICBH searches for local people who fit in perfectly in an organisation, market and customer contact. This for international Dutch companies and R&D projects in The Netherlands. We have extensive experience in matching the skills and ambitions of our applicants with the requirements of our clients.

Cross Border Recruitment

Growth or risk spreading

For growth and/or spreading risk by entering a new export market and having the ambition to start a sales organisation or company abroad, planning to expand activities abroad and to professionalize further, the quality of staff is essential for international success.

Internationalization with local professionals
With corporate internationalization, language and cultural differences, and differences in the way business is done continue to exist. To overcome these differences, we provide guidance to start or expand international operations with a local professionals, familiar with the local business culture and fitting in well with a company and customers. As such, we find the right persons for companies and organizations in China.


The recruitment and selection business is all about people, which is why we only work with experienced consultants who are passionate about their profession. Our commitment to our candidates, our clients and our organisation combined with our knowledge and experience guarantee that we enjoy high levels of customer satisfaction. Personality matters, which is why our employees are the face of our organisation. With a clear long-term focus aimed at continuity, we have developed into a strong international organisation.

Developing organisations

Our vision takes centre stage in our approach. Within a working relationship it is important to strive towards a careful balance. This maximises job satisfaction, commitment, creativity, entrepreneurship and performance and results in development and change. Our approach is characterised by the fact that we identify various aspects, with the aim of bringing about a successful relationship between the employer and the employee, focused on the long term for companies and projects in The Netherlands. We have an extensive network of professionals in China in the fields of marketing, purchasing, finance, IT and executive directors. Due to this, we can guarantee an excellent growth and development of Dutch companies and R&D projects in China.

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